Our first Online Course was all about...

The Art of Storytelling!

A Global Group

Our June course includes students from London, San Francisco, and South Carolina! It was amazing to get together on this call and spend time telling stories aloud. The power of storytelling is that it brings people together, forming communities and linking generations - and storytelling cannot be more relevant today, linking our virtual world.

We studied #TheHerosJourney and saw how ancient story structures are present in contemporary classics. The first performance "tools" were masks in #AncientGreece, and today those can be translated into #CGI manipulation. Every prop or story arc used today, came from age-old techniques.

Embracing the Female Filmmaker

We learned about archetypes: the classic characteristics that make up the relatable heroes we see in books and on screen. We heard the "Vasalisa the Wise" tale (from #WomenWhoRunWithTheWolves), featuring the Wild Woman archetype, about a girl who uses the power of her doll (a metaphor for her inner intuition) to get through challenges and difficult times. Another example is when Simba, #TheLionKing, sees his father in the clouds that guides him home. We all have an inner voice inside of us and this archetype depicts this theme.

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We can all

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