Message from the Founder

As our summer schedule fills up, Founder Flavia Casà discusses what ClickPlay Online Film School is all about!

Our ClickPlay Filmmaking Mission!

This summer, kids all over the world are connecting to ClickPlay! They make short films together, right from their home. We empower young people to gain confidence & communication skills through filmmaking.

Now more than ever, visual content brings us together. Hear from the founder about how to join the club!

The sections:

⭐️ Summer Schedule ⭐️ About the Founder ⭐️ Creative Mentoring

⭐️ Our Social Mission ⭐️ Home Filmmaking ⭐️ A Global Community ⭐️ The Online Film Club

⭐️ How to Reach Us:

Web: 💛

Fb: 💛

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