ClickPlay Weekly: The Art of Improv

This week at ClickPlay, we have been giving virtual workshops to Birkbeck, University of London students! It's been really fun to work with learners logged in from all over the world, and in making their films we focused on the art of improvisation.

Why it's important to YES AND: you listen and agree! You contribute! You are part of the solution!

Improv Games

When you're making films at home, with your personal devices, a lot of times you'll be acting in the films while shooting them. So, it's important to learn some basic techniques to:

1) Get Out of Your Own Head: so that your thoughts don't get in the way of what your character would do.

2) Stay In The Moment: so that you can be focused, present, and engaged with what the story is - and what the emotions of your character are.

3) Embody Your Character: so that you tap into the mannerisms, tone of voices, and little quirks that bring your character to life.

All of these tools can be achieved with improv games. Please see some here that you can practice at home with those you live with:

My favourite ones are: Story Swap (because it helps you listen to what the other person is saying, and build on their idea rather than your own) & Piece of Cheese (because the sillyness of it helps you stay in the moment and forget about what's the "right way" to do something). Sometimes, it's good to let go and tap into your funny instincts. You never know what surprises you may find, and what ideas that may spark!

Your turn to give it a go! What are your favorite ones?!

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