Once your child is registered for our filmmaking course or online film school, they will be part of our global youth film club! As our community of young filmmakers grows, they will have access to resources & shared film experiences that will help them develop as a storyteller, and this course is their first step into our ClickPlay family.

Has your child done any prior filmmaking? Is there a social skill you think they could improve on in this course (i.e. teamwork, listening skills, leadership)? Do they have a favourite film or media they love?

Check your email for links to course materials. Thank you for joining ClickPlay!

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We can all

work together

to get it done,

and have fun

along the way!


                                            - Hoxton Hall

                                           student, 13

                                            London, UK

We require students to complete a full ClickPlay Membership form which includes emergency contact details, any health issues, GDPR-compliant consent. At least one mentor present will be DBS certified, and all mentors are trained in safeguarding best practices. 

ClickPlay is part of Caritas Films Ltd. 

Based in Islington, London.

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