will they learn 
in each class?

Storytelling techniques

Focus: public speaking & listening skills

Script development 

Focus: articulating ideas & staying power

Shooting and performance

Focus: decision-making & leadership

Video editing 

Focus: collaborating & being constructive

The Film Festival

Focus: supporting others & communication

To make sure everyone can

learn to their full potential,

our mentors split course

time to personally:

support younger students,

or stimulate older students

help kids whose English is

not their first language

kind of
activities will they
participate in?

Designed to collaborate, the courses include:


short theoretical discussions:

using film clips and other examples

playful exercises:

to test deeper understanding

independent problem-solving:

to prove learned concepts

filmmaking practise:

to practice the craft and perfect techniques

personalised mentoring:

to grow confidence & communication skills

independent homework:

to apply new technical or creative abilities

do they need to prep before the class?

The students will need the following equipment:

  1. A smartphone or camera: to shoot video

  2. A computer: to use scriptwriting & editing software.  These will be provided free of charge for the duration of the course. On their chosen device,  students should to download before the session: 

  • Zoom app: to attend the live classes

  • DaVinci Resolve free editing software: to edit video

Please have a good internet connection, as students will be instructed to upload material on a shared GoogleDrive. 

can parents support
their child for this class?

Parents are encouraged to let us know

which social skills they would like their

child  to improve upon (for example

teamwork, leadership, concentration)

prior to starting the course, so that we

can focus our personalised mentoring

while they learn.

Parents are invited to our last session!

This is when we'll hold a film screening

of their projects, and have a virtual festival

atmosphere to celebrate their wonderful work! 

does it

INTRO CLASS & WORKSHOPS : $18 / £14 / €16 each
4-WEEK FILMMAKING COURSE: $80 / £60 / €65 total

per course & lifetime access to our global online youth film club resources. 

It is our social mission to make sure filmmaking is accessible to everyone. We welcome 2 students from disadvantaged or marginalised backgrounds to join our sessions for free. Contact us.

Get in touch below and we'll get back to you!
more than anything, 
it is very important for 
us to expose film & 
storytelling to everyone, 
regardless of their 
background. Reach
out and we will
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